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Long before we opened our doors at Das’ Creamery in 2014, ice cream has been a major food group for the Das family. Every vacation has a memorable ice cream highlight from maple ice cream in Quebec, Canada to gelato of every flavor in Florence and Rome, Italy. We enjoy drawing from our travels and imaginations when we create our unique flavor combinations.


Komal’s path to Das’ Creamery began in 2010 when she made a major shift from pursuing Social Work and Anthropology at Rutgers University to a career in the culinary field. After graduating from The French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, Komal worked at a fine-dining farm to table restaurant on the Upper West Side. It is here that she trained under a Michelin starred chef and learned about the value of each ingredient and the many ways one flavor can be celebrated. In Atlanta she further developed her skills and diversified her experiences, learning about soulful cooking and flavorful food. Komal adapted her culinary education and skills to the craft of small-batch ice cream making. She attended Penn State’s acclaimed Ice Cream Short Course to learn about the science and technology of making ice cream. Having grown up eating loads of traditional ice cream in India, Mr. Das immigrated to the USA in 1987. He worked in a psychiatric hospital as an MSW, LCSW during which time he earned a second Master’s degree in Public Administration from Rutgers University. Mr. Das opted for early retirement to pursue his American dream of opening an ice cream shop. To that end, he completed a short course in ice cream technology at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

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